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A Day In My Life: Monday Routine

Happy Monday, the official new date of any content post drops (in case I change to YouTube one day, that's referring to content)!! I decided to kick off the new post dates, I'd share a day in my life as a student constantly on the go. This is post is brought to you by my strange addiction to binge watching day in my life videos on YouTube. If you've ever wondered how I balance it all, this is what a typical Monday is for me.


My alarm goes off at 6am and in-between the time that my alarm clock goes off and 7am, I am preparing for the day by making a big breakfast, making my bed, updating my planner, and more importantly drinking a big cup of coffee. I am a firm believer in allowing the caffeine to awaken my soul and get me going through the day. While I'm slowly waking up, I update my planner and create a to do list for the day. For me, it's the best way to motivate myself to concur the day. This is something I do every day to continue to be motivated so things can be done.


I leave my apartment for my internship between 7am-7:15am. I'll be totally honest, some days it's unusually hard to get out of bed so it's not uncommon I fall behind schedule. I live about 30ish minutes away from my internship but depending on traffic it can be anywhere from 32 minutes to an hour.

When I'm driving to my internship on Monday mornings, I tend to listen to the weekly episode of Crime Junkie (my favorite true crime podcast) and Gals on The Go: The Happening (it's a second segment of their original content of Gals on The Go).


Around 8am, I am typically rolling into my internship office. I am currently interning for a bra company called, Leading Lady. They focus on a perfect fit for every body and maternity and nursing. If you know me, you know I am all for body positivity. Working for a company that has an entire brand built around body positivity is something that I really like to talk about. A common day for me in my internship is helping with marketing materials for presentations to other businesses and working on donations to women organizations. I leave the office at 10:45 to get to campus for a day full of classes.


My first class starts at 11:45 and it is by far the hardest college class I have ever been enrolled in. And with my luck, my hardest class to take to date would be in my last semester of college. It's an interesting class but it's a lot of definitions and can get very confusing. From 11:45am all the way until 5:30, I am running back and forward on campus to sit through classes. While I'm in between classes, I keep up with e-mails and of course, scrolling through Instagram (I'm addicted).


Even though I am in class until 5:30, I still have commitments after classes are said and done with for the day. Around 6:30, I have a student organization meeting. This student organization is called Her Campus, and it's one of the reasons why I started blogging/creating my own content. The meetings are held every Monday in our campuses library.


I don't usually get home until 8pm in the evening and as soon as I get home, I try and relax after a long day of running around. And by relax, I mean light a candle, turn on tv (or music or YouTube) and unpack from the day I had or scroll through the internet. I usually allow myself to relax for an hour before getting back up and preparing for the next day.


My goal is always be in bed by 10pm. Depending on how wild my day is, I can be in bed earlier or sometimes even later. Before bed I always brush my teeth, try and have an idea of an outfit for the following day, and to wash my face.

To be transparent with everyone, as much as I love a strict routine, it doesn't always play how I want it to be. I am constantly on the go and I truthfully prefer it that way. I also prefer for things to go my way and I am learning to come to terms when things don't. Sometimes I get too tired and I have to listen to my body to slow down, sometimes the day is too overwhelming and I have to put something on hold until everything else is done. I am not perfect and neither is a typical day in my life. If you're just as busy as me or even busier, it's important to remember that life happens. Things change and we can't control everything. But it's important to remember when to take time for yourself. I try my best to plan times to take time for my own health so I am able to keep moving forward. But, there are times when I get too caught up in everything going on and my mental health isn't put first. Like I said, I'm not perfect and neither are my routines. But it's all about making sure what is best for yourself.

How do you concur your busiest days to stay motivated?

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