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All The Things I Do When I'm Feeling Down

This isn't a typical blog post for me. Typically I want to talk about clothes, being body positive, beauty product favorites, etc. But this week on the blog I want to talk about mental health. I've tried my best to be an open book about my journey with self love and my own anxieties, But I've never really put a post out there about what I do when I'm feeling down. Now, I'm not a professional by any means and sometimes my funk gets pretty bad and I don't have the motivation to do anything on this list. But if I'm having a bad day, it's the little things that count. Everything on this list is in my own opinion and things that I have noticed that bring a smile to my face when I don't feel like smiling.

1. Take a long hot shower. I put on a killer playlist and scream the lyrics to all of my favorite songs.

2. Clean your space up. I find that a clean environment helps with a clean mind. If my living space is clean, I feel lighter and less overwhelmed.

3. Write it out. So, I'll be totally honest. I haven't written down my feelings in a long time, like since before college. But I do write stories that help clear my head.

4. Make a cheese board. This sounds so lame but there is just something so comforting about a good cheese board.

5. Call my family. When it doubt, my family helps everything out. There is no doubt about it. Sometimes calling isn't enough and I go and visit for a bit.

6. Read a book. Sometimes escaping my own life and reading about the life of some character in a novel can just change perspectives for me. This year one of my New Years Resolution is to read 24 books so this is one that I find myself doing more than the others. One of my favorite things to do for "me" time is to put on some soft jazz music, pour a glass of my favorite wine, and to read.

7. Music! Between dance parties, screaming lyrics in the car, to just laying in my bed with my headphones in. There is just something about music that can really bring you out of a funk.

8. YouTube. This one is going to sound so weird but YouTube is really just one of those platforms that can help in any situation! In some cases, some YouTubers have motivated me to get up off of my butt and to do something with my day. I've always binged hours worth of movie trailers, bloopers of TV Shows, and vines. It's just one of those sites that can really help you laugh.

9. Bullet journaling. I love planning, if you have been reading from my blog from the start you know I love planners and organizing. It is one of my fortes! With bullet journaling, I get the sense of planning but also creating spreads with fun colors and doodles. Coloring has been proven to be a great stress reviler, so imagine bullet journaling.

10. Sleep it out! I love sleep. Like, I really love sleeping. There is something so peaceful about wrapping yourself up and just finding some relaxation and get some SLEEP. It's a great way to recharge my body. Every night I try to get at least a full 8 hours. Seriously, sleep is the best.

11. Face mask. Obviously, this wouldn't be a blog post of mine if I didn't mention something beauty related. Just like sleep, a face mask helps recharge my body in a refreshing way. I typically do a hydrating face mask to help rehydrate my skin. Once I put on the face mask, I typically do something else on this list and then when I'm done, my skin feels refreshed and I refreshed.

12. Drink some water! Hydration is fun! This is such a small thing to do but it really goes a long way. Especially if you put lemons in your water, refreshing and it's good for you!

13. Go for a walk. So simple, but one that really is a game changer. When the weather is nice, it's so important to go out and get some fresh air, especially when you're feeling down.

14. Read and say aloud positive quotes. I am a BIG quote gal. I love reading quotes, I love sharing quotes, I love writing them down. There is something empowering about reading a quote aloud to yourself to try and get you to smile. This is another trick I do that I highly suggest.

15. Light a candle. Candles are relaxing and you can't tell my otherwise. My favorite candle is the Capri Blue Volcano. They're a little pricey but I mean it when I say that they last for a decent amount of time and the scent when lit, can fill an entire room within minutes. The smell reminds me of the beach and of all the people I get to go to the beach with, so obviously it brings a smile to my face.

16. Watch a comedy special. When I was a sophomore in college and I was having a bad day, I would watch Donald Glover's 'Weirdo' special on Netflix. Even though I know the special word for word, it always makes me laugh when I'm feeling down.

This is just a small list of things I do when I'm feeling down. It always depends on what's going on in my life to decide what can help bring my mood up. We all have bad days but not letting them define us is the real challenge. Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you grow and who can help you add on to your own very list of things to do on bad days. I've noticed that it's the little things that count!

What are some things you like to do when you're feeling down? I'd love to know!

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