• Arden Palmquist

Am I An "Influencer?"

There seems to be a lot of conversation about influencers in today's society. I just started my classes back up and in almost all of them, the term "influencer" was brought up. So, to get back into my blogging schedule, I figured we'd start with this. Am I an influencer?

A friend of mine when she introduces me to people will say, "She's an influencer." Which is nonetheless flattering, but it almost applies pressure onto myself and my work as a whole. Am I one? I mean sure, I post sponsored orientated content but am I your "typical influencer?"

Just the other night I was watching one of my favorite YouTube/Podcaster/Influncer, Jaci Marie Smith. Her feed is one of my inspirations, you can check out her content here. But, she posted a YouTube video about a day in her life as an Influencer and she made a comment about the terminology. It was something along the lines that we are all influencers, whether you have 2 million followers or 200, everyone is an Influencer. By that she means that our posts can influence whoever follows us. Which is a true statement. She then went on to say that she preferred the term, "content creator." Which I like the sound of better.

However, I don't think I'm a "content creator." I take pictures, posts about brands, and blog for whoever wants to hear what I'm saying. When I think of content creators, I think of them as more creative accounts where they can take something as a cup of coffee and make it look like the coolest photo around. Which, as much as I would love to do, I don't have the time for it. Some day, I would love to be more creative in my posts but that someday will have to wait until I get my diploma and I can open my schedule up more.

Even now, when I do some sponsored posts, it's hard to keep up with it on top of my school work and my part time job. I love doing those types of posts though, which is why when an opportunity is presented to myself to do one, I'll do it.

Social media is a powerful powerful thing. We can learn from it, meet new people from it, and see growth within ourselves. The same applies for being an Influencer or content creator (whichever terminology you prefer), there is power in what you do.

I started my brand to inspire others in some shape or form. My biggest area of discussion is lifestyle. I want to spread body positivity and encourage my readers to love themselves with everything they have.

But back to my main question.... Am I an influencer? That is up for people who view my blog and social platforms to decide. I think at the end of the day, it would be such an honor to create content along the lines of photography and videography, but for right now... I think I'm just a blogger. I get a platform to speak about anything and everything that I want.

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