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Day Off: Time To Relax???

I'm not a big time blogger but a part of blogging is sharing my life with you (anyone who is willing to listen). It's kind of my own version of reality tv, except without cameras following me around?? If you know, you know.

But if you don't know me that well, I work about 5 days a week. Whenever I don't pick up extra shifts, I typically get two days off. Wednesday and Thursday just so happened to be those days. Weirdly enough, I have actually gotten a lot done.

On a usual day off, I binge the crap out of tv shows and catch up on e-mails. Once that is usually done, I clean!!!! I get two days a week to deep clean my apartment. I am a firm believer that how your living environment is set up effects your mindset. There are days when my clothes pile underneath my dresser and I feel more down than normal because everything is messy. And when I say clean, I mean I clean the bathroom, clean my room, clean the kitchen, wash my clothes/towels/sheets, etc.

I also try and work on content materials. I have found it a little difficult to keep up with blogging and podcasting and creating content that my audience will enjoy. My work schedule is very all over the place as I work in retail, so it's hard for me to find the time to create content.

Typically, on days I have off - I'll have a friend come with me to help me take photos. When I do go and take photos, I usually bring 2-3 outfits with me so I can catch up on content. Then I create my blog content and brainstorm podcast content. With the time I had off these two days, I did record my first podcast episode in like two months! In the episode I recored, I catch up on life and dive into the topic of body positivity and loving your body!

However, on top of the two days I did get off this week, I was able to see the new Aladdin movie because it's always great to feel like a kid again. For those who have not seen it, I suggest seeing it, I cried a few times (no shame). And then I went and got some chipotle and did some apartment touring.

If there is one thing I have learned this summer it's that adult apartment touring is the WORST. My friend and I have toured 3 places now and we have two more in the works but it's hard for the area we live in... And not to mention it's SO much money to move. But we are making the most of it.

My days off aren't glamorous, if anything they are busier than days I do work because I have so much to catch up on. Some days, I do lay in bed all day because I'm one of those people who has to give themselves at least one day every once in awhile to catch up on sleep. I'm really big on catching up on sleep! Self care is important, and my days off are all dedicated to self care.

How do you spend your days off? Do you either relax or try and get a long list of "to dos" done?

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