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Everything I've Been Up To... Everything You've Been Asking

I've had a lot of people asking me a handful of questions about everything I've been up to lately. A lot of people reached out and asked what on earth my first unboxing was about. So I figured I'd write up an entire blog post of all the creative things I have coming up and opportunities that have been presented.

When I first started blogging back a few years ago, it was just a trial to have a platform where I can write about anything and everything I desire. Eventually through all of this trial and error, I have created my own personal brand, itsardenn. But because I have created my own personal brand, there are goals I want to accomplish with this brand.

First was my blog. I never expected anyone to ever want to read this but I've had a handful of people reach out to me and compliment some of my posts, the things I have brewing up, and congratulating me on chasing my dreams and continuing to work for them.

The next project I have in the works and what I want to start focusing on is YouTubing. This started all when I was making a big/little video for my second little, who has since coming into my life, has opened a lot of creative doors for me and is one person I owe a lot of where I am today too. This will continue to follow my brand of the blog. But this isn't me switching from one platform to another, it's me testing the waters in more than one platform. A lot of video ideas I have created can be turned not only into a YouTube Video but also a blog post. I have an entire journal with creative ideas for several different platforms. I've been brewing a lot lately and I have never been so excited!

A handful of people had asked me what happened to my podcast. So I am here to say that there is something in the works for a duo podcast. However, once I graduate from college I plan on counting growing in platforms but focusing on a different type of style for a podcast. I've had a serious obsession with true crime podcasts and would love to have my own podcast on true crime for those who are just as obsessed as me.

But that isn't the only thing people have been sliding into my messages asking about. A little bit ago I discussed an unboxing I recently did on my Instagram story. But the questions that people have been asking are "what is this you're doing?" and "how did you get involved in something like this?"

Few people know that it's one of my dreams in the next several of years to be an Influencer. It would be so fun to work with companies that I love and market their products to my followers and on other social media platforms. If you've never heard of the term Influencer, a lot of YouTubers will make videos for specific products under specific companies or use the term "sponsors"/"sponsorships" in their videos or even their social media posts.

As of right now, I am apart of InfluenceHer Collective which is a part of Her Campus, an organization I have grown to be quite involved with. InfluenceHer Collective is who organized my unboxing after I was selected to be apart of the campaign. Once selected, I wait for my new project in the mail. This was my first big project and I could not be more thankful to be apart of it, especially since this is the start of my dream career path.

Every opportunity I have been with presented with these past few months makes me more and more excited to see what the future holds for myself and my career path. I have an amazing support system who keep hyping me up and encouraging me to follow all of my dreams, no matter how big or how small.

There is still so much more I have planned but this is a small snippet of everything I've been up to and a brief response on the questions you all have been asking me.

This is only the beginning of it all and the many thank you's I will be expressing with you all. I cannot wait to see what comes next for myself and where the wind takes me. I guess overall, you just have to stay tuned to see what I have under my sleeve.

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