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February Favorites

With the month wrapping up, it is once again that time of the month to share a handful of my favorites for the month of February. This month, the theme of retail therapy, carried on from last month. From new shoes to new clothing pieces (to even a water bottle), here are my favorites from this month.

Chunky Tennis Shoes

I have been searching EVERYWHERE for the perfect chunky "dad" tennis shoes that is cheap, trendy, and everything I was imagining with this look. After a month and a half of searching, I finally found them. The "Tread Carefully Chunky Sneakers" from Nasty Gal were on sale when I purchased, but you can find them here. They are everything I was looking for and are one of the comfiest shoes I have ever worn.


Okay, so with this tax return, I may have gone overboard on everything I bought myself... One of those being the infamous Hydroflask. I've been binging a ton of YouTube these days, and I first heard about this beautiful water bottle through my favorite YouTubers. My Hydroflask is 40oz, helping me accomplish my goal in drinking one whole gallon a day. My only negative comment on it is since it is so big, it doesn't fit in any of my cup holders but it does fit in all of my purses. It keeps my water cold for hours and truly has been my favorite thing the moment I bought it. This is besides the theme of clothing but it truly is one of my favorite things I have bought this month.

Floral Top

With my semi small shopping spree, I dropped only a handful of money at Altar'd State. One of the things I purchased in this retail therapy spree was this floral top. I posted it on my instagram story a few days back and a lot of people were asking about it! So if you are interested, click the link that I attached! It's perfect for the spring weather coming up. But until I can wear it with the ideal spring pants and shoes, dark denim will have to do!

*Side favorite: the hat in the photo above and below. You can find this trendy boho accessory here*

Patterend Pants

One of my new years resolutions was to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothing. Obviously this could be just an excuse to expand my wardrobe and continue to feed into my shopping habits but when you work in retail, it's pretty easy to add on new items. One of them being patterned pants. At first these boho orange and navy blue pants were a lot for me. But the more I stared at them, the more attracted to them I was. It was something I wouldn't typically wear but when I tried them on for fun, I had to buy them. They're the perfect spring colors and material! Plus they look so good with the hat that I linked just above. Unfortunately, the pants are not on the Altar'd State website.

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