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Hello Fall Fashion, I've Been Expecting You

It is officially Fall and I could not be more excited for this time of year. I love the Spring and Summer but when it comes to fashion, the Fall is my time to shine. It's not only sweater weather season but it's also the season for jeans, booties, and jackets of all sorts. To kick off the month of October (and the start of spooky season), here's my fall fashion inspiration and my go to's.

Fall means earth tone colors, jeans, vests, booties, and all the fun fall activities. Some of my favorite fall necessities this season are big statement earrings, purses, cute but simple shirts, and my favorite suede brown hat.

I work in retail so most of my clothing comes from Altar'd State because of the good deals I get, plus I can do so many things with their clothing. It's easy to dress up and even easier to dress down, no matter the occasion. Most of the pictures in this post are all Altar'd State clothing and accessories. Literally one of my new favorite purses is one from the sale room at my store. It's small, it's cute, different, and perfect for a casual day out with my friends!

It's not that I'm opposed to shopping at other places. I mean hell, I love boutiques. They're the best place to find unique clothing. One of my new favorite tops that I bought from a local boutique is this emerald silk top that I paired with my face earrings from forever21 and my favorite pair of white sunglasses. My style can range from 90's to modern really quickly, this is just more of my vintage look.

One of my favorite fall accessories this season like I mentioned is my suede brown hat. I bought this towards the end of summer from Altar'd State. It's one of those trends that I honestly thought I'd never be able to pull off but honestly, it's one of my necessities. I usually wear it when my hair is having a bad day or when I just need to tie my outfit together.

I get a lot of my fall inspiration from the basic places; Pinterest, Instagram, other bloggers, work, and some of my friends. I'm always constantly looking to try new fall looks. Something I want to try more this season is upping up my shoe game. I have a bunch of different booties bookmarked on my computer.

What are some fashion trends that you love to wear during this time of the year? Any favorite places to shop? If you have suggestions, make sure to let me know! Like I said, I'm always down to look into a new store and to try something new.

Happy fall to everyone, enjoy the spooky season. The countdown to Halloween (and my favorite podcast group premiering their TV show) BEGINS.

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