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Hey Summer, I'm Crushing It With These Tanks (and then some)

Hello friends (old and new), I shared on my Instagram that I hate my arms. In previous summers, I would wear one tank top every once in awhile. It was rare to see me in them. But I have taken a vow to myself to step out of comfort zones and to love my body inside and out, every inch. So, this summer, I did a little spending on tanks to help me continue to grow out of this negative energy I have on myself. No, seriously, I wear tanks normally now. It's a small step, but one that I'm patting myself on the back for.

This post originally started as a "clothing haul," but things took a turn and now here we are (my life is sort of a mess as I'm in the process of moving BUT I'M NOT LEAVING YOU PEOPEL HANGING). The first summer tank top is one that I ordered TWO sizes up in but it was a trend I knew I needed to hop on.

The tank itself is from Forever 21 and I ended up ordering a 0X from the plus size section because it fits extremely small. But the color is bold and doesn't look terrible on my fair colored skin. What I love most about this tank is not only does the ribbed top hold everything together so I don't have to wear a bra (we love that), but it also is extremely flattering on my body shape. It's super easy to dress up and even easier to dress down. How I've been styling it is with some jeans (I'm one of those gals who wear jeans year round), cute sandals, and gold jewelry. With my gold jewelry, I've started wearing SMALL, yes you read that right, small gold hoops and layered gold necklaces (which you can kind of see in this picture). The tank top can be found here and the gold jewelry can be found here and here/here.

Let's switch gears a little bit to sweater tanks... Odd concept, I know. But a trend I never thought I would ever pull off or wear, but I'm totally here for. Truthfully, this wasn't something I was on the look for, it just kinda happened for me.

It's a little 90's but super flattering on. I was birthday shopping in a small boutique called "Jean and Lou" just in Cuyahoga Falls in Akron, Ohio and stumbled upon the tank. You can look at their instagram here. If you know me at all, you know I am big on supporting local businesses. My sunglasses from the previous photo are from the same boutique. They are super affordable, cute clothing, and hands down have some of the best customer service. The best way I've been styling this is with gold jewelry, ripped baggy jeans, and cute sandals. I am venturing into pairing it with a pair of my green pants I own. The nice thing about this is it's a basic top, the possibilities are endless.

Let's get a little fun now, shall we? One tank top I am totally loving right now and I truly cannot get enough of is this tank from Altar'd State.

It has the cutest details in the bottom that just tie it all together. The nice thing about this top is it is easy to dress up and even easier to dress down. You can wear it with white, denim, colored jeans - the possibilities are endless. It's perfect for summer, perfect for the grocery store, perfect for happy hour with friends, and even perfect for vacation. You can find it here for purchase.

Another fun top I purchased at the same boutique I had mentioned a few moments ago is this silk top that is EXTREMELY flattering on. Just like the sweater top, I was not going out of my way to find it but rather it had found me.

The warm toned colors match so well with brown sandals and it is light and flowy, perfect for the warm summer weather. I put it on and truly have never felt so confident in a tank top before. It's cute with shorts, jeans, etc.

I never thought I'd be one to feel confident in tank tops, but hey maybe now it's time to get some sun on these pale pale shoulders. Where do you enjoy your summer shopping for clothes? I'm always open to hear new ideas!

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