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How I Avoid The Sunday Scaries

Hello blogger friends! Welcome back to another post on my blog. This week, I thought it would be kind of fun to share with you all how I avoid the Sunday Scaries. For those who haven't heard this term, it basically means you have an anxiety that sets in on Sunday that weight of returning to the work or school the next day.

As someone who is constantly go go go, sometimes I get a mad case of the Sunday Scaries. Over the past year, I've started to develop a solid routine that helps with that weight of anxiety to help me get an upper hand on the week ahead. If there is anything to know about me, it's that I love a plan.

I have a list of things that I need to get done each Sunday so I can prepare the best that I can. I try to find Sunday as the day to set your mentality up for the week. For most, that could be Monday. But for me, Sunday is that day to make sure everything is planned to the best that it can be so I can be prepared for the days ahead.

Typically, I wake up before 8am on Sunday's. This allows me to make breakfast and more importantly, make myself a cup of coffee. For me, starting my morning off, within the first hour that I am awake, is to drink a cup of coffee. I make sure to give myself that time to wake up. After that, I dig into my day of tasks, chores, and errands to set me up for the rest of the week.

First thing is first, create a list. Yes, a whole list of things to get done for the week. I'm kind of a maniac and have one list on a notepad and then one list in my planner. They have the same tasks on each list but the one on my planner is assigned to specific days. In my planner I also give myself 3 goals to do for the week. Typically, they are to finish a book I'm currently reading, try and find that motivation to start working out, etc. Creating those lists is the best way to stay ahead of the week ahead and give myself a solid plan.

After creating those lists, I try to map out my meals for the week so I know what to put down on my grocery list for the store. I'll be honest, I am a very picky eater so I don't experiment much with my meals but this year I've been really pushing for trying new things. Once I have my map out of meals for the week I take a minute to chug some water.

After spending the first part of my day planning, it's time for the cleaning. Every Sunday I dedicate to cleaning my entire apartment. From my bathroom, to my room, to the living room, to the kitchen. Everything gets cleaned. If there is one thing I know, it's that a clean living environment not only reduces my stress but also helps with a clear mind.

Once I feel good about the cleanliness in my apartment, I go and run any necessary errands. This usually is just the grocery store. But in some cases, I do need to travel to different grocery stores for specific foods (usually vegan products I have to get at a different grocery store). I always stick to my list of needed groceries but when I pass by the flowers, I can't help but pick out a bundle for my kitchen table.

I always end my Sunday's by packing my lunch for tomorrow, taking a long hot shower, moisturizing my face, and climbing into bed to relax with a book.

To me, Sunday's are filled with setting myself up for success in the best way possible so I can get through the week in one piece, so I can avoid a burnout. I make sure to take the time to set myself up for the week and ensure some time to relax. It's so important to take time for yourself so you can get through the week with a strong head on your shoulders.

How do you spend your Sunday's to get through the week?

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