• Arden Palmquist

I Started An Event Planning Business In The Middle of A Pandemic

Long time no see my fellow friends! Welcome back to another blog post. This time, I thought it would be fun to share some light on my start up side hustle, Palmquist Planning. Which, yes, I did start in the middle of a global pandemic. What on earth could possibly happen there? Well, I'm here to tell you the background story, the ups and downs, and where I'm at right now with my business.

The story behind this venture started out as just a crazy idea. Event planning has always been something I loved. I love the organizational skills, the creativity outlet, and the outcome of it all. But something changed the day my childhood best friend and I got brunch and she asked me to be her maid of honor. It just clicked after that. The idea of creating a side hustle doing something I loved seemed to be a brilliant idea.

So, Palmquist Planning was born. And truthfully? The support that I have received is amazing. The minute I posted on social media, so many people shared my information. It felt amazing to see the support take off so quickly.

Which led me to my first client and first project, planning a company Christmas party... In the middle of a pandemic... Which worked out very very well. So well in fact, my client had asked me to help again for the year after. Which was super fun to get my hands on a project and learn how to navigate this passion of mine with clients.

After the Christmas party, I was in full maid of honor planning mode and planned a successful bridal shower and a successful bachelorette party.

As that has died down, I am now committed to working on booking new clients for the rest of this year and next. Slowly, but surely, I'm gaining new clients and the support I have received has been incredible.

But it hasn't all been rainbows and butterflies. I knew going into this, it would take time to build clients and actually create a full agenda of events to help plan. Which in the past 9 months I have picked up more clients than I originally thought I would and I am making progress growing Palmquist Planning. I'll be honest, it hasn't helped much that we are still in a pandemic, but I have never been one to turn away from a challenge. Even living during a pandemic, it's still possible to have your dream event. That's the cool part about having an event planner, someone who can help you achieve all of your visions!

As the year goes on and my life enters a new chapter, I can't imagine not continuing bringing Palmquist Planning with me. I like working my full time job, I really do. But there is something about having a small side hustle that is all mine, and that makes me excited to see what I can do with this.

All in all, starting a new business in a pandemic is kind of cool. I can't wait for it to be over, but at the same time, this presents me with challenges that can help me be the best event planner I possibly can be. Someone who is ready for anything.

And now cue my shameless plug. If you have an event comment up and you need help or want to know more about what services I offer, send me an e-mail at palmquistplanning@gmail.com! Let's chat to see what I can help with so you can have your dream event become a realty!

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