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Life Update!! It's Been A Minute and I'm Back (Kind Of)

Hello everyone! Wow, it has been A MINUTE since I last posted a blog post and a lot has changed... So, I figured what better way to kick off a new season of blogging than a good old catch up??? To be upfront and keep you in the loop, posting content in the winter is one of the hardest things for me mentally. Living in Ohio and the part of Ohio that I do currently reside in, I have no motivation to go out into the cold and plan a mini shoot for my social media pages and to create a photo for the blog cover. The season has always been harder for me with motivation overall. But we are creeping into Spring and with the weather being brighter, I feel a little bit brighter!

So, let's kick in to this life update and what the plan is for the blog moving forward. First thing first, I graduated from college! YAY!!! After 4.5 years, I finally have my bachelors in Communications. Its kind of cool to say but also makes me feel as if I just added five years onto my life. So, what does that mean for me and my future career? Well, I'm currently working at a job that I love but it isn't for my degree. I told myself that I never wanted to be that college graduate but everything happens for a reason and I truly love where I'm at. The environment is everything I could ask for with working full time and the people are just so amazing. I am super excited for the path that I have created for myself just under 30 days from graduating. Maybe for a future post, I'll do a work week in my life? Or maybe I'll save that for YouTube (*insert winking emoji here*)???

The one thing that I do like about where I'm at right now is that since I am working full time, I can work after work on brainstorming content ideas and use the weekend to prepare photo content. So, basically, my schedule is ten time easier to control with this hobby of mine which makes me more motivated to continue working on this. My co-workers are really big on creating and executing personal goals, which is the motivation and energy I need in my life right now. Because of sharing these personal goals, I was motivated to bring this back.

And what does this mean for my plans with my content? When I started 2020, I decided to give myself a word for the year. A word for the year is almost like a mantra but it really is a way to set myself a standard for the year. The word for me is: Creation. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post on my story about the word. In my bullet journal, I wrote the word out for the year in my bullet journal along with the definition.

The reason for choosing this word was because I wanted to explore more of the creative side of me. For so long I kind of shut the creative side of me off because I was so focused on school and holding onto the fear of what other people thought of me. So challenging myself with the word "creation" gives me the opportunity to explore that side of me that I just off for so long. I wanted to be able to create and to inspire someone somewhere and that is the reason for the word. So the plan for the year? I want to explore more of what I can do and figure out my sound. A part of me felt like I had found my "brand" but I forced it onto myself and to be truthful, I didn't like what it was. The whole point of putting myself out on different platforms was to be genuine. But after a lot of reflecting, I kind of felt as if it wasn't like that anymore. So, after taking a step back and reevaluating what I wanted for myself this year I also reevaluated what I wanted for my content. Moving forward, like I said, I have a couple of ideas for content that I can't wait to start working on. I want to explore the idea of a YouTube channel (I've said this a numerous amount of times), and I want to bring back the idea of Podcasting. Yes, I have explored this idea a HANDFUL of times and I think I have finally figured out how to go about it. So, these are all things that allow me to explore my creative side. However, I'm not just done with that! I want to continue bullet journaling and creating colorful layouts for that, I want to a freaking novel! I have these ideas that I kept to myself and my inner friends for so long that now my challenge for myself in 2020 is to create. Life has been a rollercoaster these past few months. With trying to adjust to the post grad life to figuring out what I want for myself, I haven't felt confident in the direction I am going in for so long. So, with the year upon us (even though we are almost three months into the new year), I want to start creating a consistent schedule for providing you with genuine content. When I feel good enough from the new full-time work schedule, I will be planning on posting a blog post every other Monday! When I feel that confidence back, I'll be posting weekly but to ease back into this hobby, it'll be every other Monday. The perfect way to start your week (*another winking emoji*). So with that being said, let's get this new season going and dive into the creative side of me that is just itching to come out! ----- p.s. -- let me know if you have any tricks to get out of winter funks. I keep finding myself going through them even though I know I am stronger than that!!!!

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