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March Favorites

Another month has gone by, which in this case means that the weather is now starting to get warmer and my mood has increased a whole ton! With that being said, it also means another months favorites blog post. This month is a good one but a short one. I've been in the process of winter detoxing my closet and mentality (yes, that is a real thing) and haven't tried as many products or clothing as I have in past blog posts. But, here goes nothing!

Blouses (always a favorite)

A blouse has always been one of my best friends. They're super simple, easy to wear, and of course are flattering on every aspect of your body (depending on the blouse). I went home one weekend and went on a little shopping trip with my mom to good old TJMAXX, where I found the perfect blouse for the upcoming season. I've noticed this is a popular style this season, especially with the buttons and the front tie. It's one of those pieces I can easily dress up with anything and then easily dress down. Perfect for a casual day out!

Jade Roller!!!

I was super skeptical about Jade Rollers at first and then eventually I caved in. I kept seeing them on youtube, hearing them in my podcasts, and seeing them everywhere. I took the expensive route and bought mine at Sephora but you can easily purchase one on Amazon and TJMAXX for most likely half the price of what I paid. So what is a jade roller? A Jade Roller is a beauty tool used for de-puffing your face in the morning. It is made with the Jade stone which is the secret ingredient into decreasing the puffiness of under-eye circles and can even minimize the look of fine lines. When I wake up in the morning, I try to implement it into my morning routine right before I wash my face. It's basically like giving myself a mini face massage. It's super refreshing and relaxing and one of the best ways to start my morning off, next to a cup of coffee of course!

Statement Belts

Slowly but surely, I have hoped onto this trend! I have noticed the smallest things can make an outfit not only look more expensive but also tie everything together. They're simple add on's and of course keep my pants up. It took me awhile to find the right belts but I highly suggest playing around with this small accessory piece. Some places to get some affordable belts include TJMAXX and of course Target! You can never go wrong with either or of these stores for affordable prices.


Obviously, I have to throw some sort of Altar'd State product in here! We've been in the spring clothing mood since January... So casually, when the weather is nice, I bring out one of my favorite pair of shoes from work. They might not look comfortable but oddly enough, they are one of my favorite new pieces for the spring. You can find them here!

With Spring now in full swing, I am working on dabbling in some more trends and trying new products. I have a spring essential box currently on it's way with some new beauty products that I am so excited to try!

Do you have any current favorites that you want to share? Make sure to comment them down below!

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