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May Favorites

A popular trend in the blogging world, one that I love reading about and even talking about! If you're new here, in previous months I've had "monthly favorite" posts! With the weather constantly changing, new things coming out, new things to binge, my favorites tend to change. Here is everything I am loving this month:

Favorite Beauty Product

I'm going to support local on this one. If you read my spring beauty essentials you might remember this brands name, Hope Soap. I talked about their Utopia Face Scrub but my favorite right now is their Utopia Face Cream!! Oh my gosh you GUYS, not only does it smell amazing but with using the face scrub and the face cream, my skin feels amazing. It's made with grapefruit, bamboo, and shea butter and is a little bit on the heavier side. I use it twice a day, after I cleanse my face with mineral water in the morning and right before I go to bed. This stuff is incredible and I have barely made a dent in it! A little goes a long with when it comes to applying it.

Favorite Fashion Piece

This is going to sound extremely basic but I am currently obsessed with my Adidas Falcons. So, little back story. I tried buying these a few weeks ago on Adidas's site when they were holding 30% off their shoes and they were COMPLETELY sold out. I was really bummed for a few hours until I tried looking them up on amazon. Turns out, they were cheaper on amazon. I got them for 50% off the original price on the Adidas website. I'm freaking obsessed with these shoes. I love the whole chunky tennis shoe trend that's a given, but the amount of chunk that is on these shoes is perfect for me. I highly recommend investing in these sneakers!

Favorite Home Item

I was skeptical about adding this but with being in quarantine all this time, I figured that most of us have done a lot of changes to our living spaces. One of my current favorites in the home section are CapriBlue Volcano Candles. If you know what these candles are, you probably just groaned because you know how pricy they are. I personally think they're worth the money but then again, I am just obsessed with these candles. The scent travels so much farther than a bath and body works candle and the scent just smells better than any other candle. I got 2 on a sale and have one for my bedroom and for the living room and every time I close my eyes, I just enter my happy place.

Favorite Song

I'm the kind of person who is always looking for new music and I know I'm not the only one. I also know not everyone has the same music taste but one song that I have been obsessed with is Goodnight by Lennon Stella off of her new album, Three. Two. One. It's on the slower side but it's such a good song to feel inspired by! Most of her album is a bit softer but it works very well with her voice and style. Highly recommend if you are in the need of something new to listen too!

Favorite Podcast

If you don't listen to podcasts, what are you doing? They're a perfect way to keep you entertained. One of the most entertaining podcasts that I am LOVING right now is We Bought A House by Claudia Sulewski and her boyfriend, Finneas. This podcast is a little bit on the PG-13 life as they're very open about their relationship but that's what I love about it. They're talking about real things and just having fun with this new creative outlet of theirs. Both of these creators have a great way of telling stories and creating new content. Episodes come out on Monday mornings and are one of the best ways to start your week off!

Favorite Show

I watched it a month ago but I have to mention it as as favorite. It's one word: Outerbanks. Oh my god, the show only has one season out on netflix with 10 episodes at 45 (ish) minutes, and I watched the entire season in one day. A lot of people have binged the heck out of the show and if you've watched it you understand how insane that journey was watching it and how we need a second season like now. If you haven't watched it yet and are on the fence: just watch it. My parents described it as a modern day Goonies but I think it's so much more than that. There is romance, friendship, lies, murder, and GOLD. It was a perfectly well done series and I am planning on watching it for a second time through.

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