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My Guide To Staying Organized

I always like to ask people what they would like to read on my blog and a friend suggested posting a guide to staying organized.

Truth be told, I was never organized in high school. For those of you who know me, this might come to a surprise to you (believe it or not). My freshman year of college is when I bought a planner and actually started to use it and come up with a routine.

It wasn't until my sophomore year that I became obsessed with my planner and color coding and everything in between. It became kind of a comfort method for me in my times of high anxiety. There's just something relaxing about placing stickers in your planner and color coding your to do list and everything in between.

The first company that really sold me on planners was the Happy Planner. I heard about it through a roommate my sophomore year of schooling and it was this great company where it was allowing the planners to create their planner in unique different ways. They have dozens of sticker packets with different themes. I was honestly so addicted to the company, that they had taken a good chunk of my money.

I then wanted to switch companies and try other planners. I purchased a planner from ban.do and it was a more aesthetically pleasing planner with an urban like twist. It was smaller than my Happy Planner and I didn't have as much room as I wanted so I didn't last long with this one. I'm a busy person and I liked having the room to be able to write my to do list in my planner but still make it creative.

So then I switched to Erin Condren and I don't think I'm going to switch to another company any time soon. I have never been so in love with a planner or a company. If you're interested in learning more about her planner, check her website out at erincondren.com. I like this company because you still get the option to be creative with the layout and even the cover of the planner.

With each planner, I found it extremely helpful to color code everything. I have a color for work, organizations I'm apart of, school, my blog, and misc. To remember what each color means, I make a key at the start of every month. I found this to be super helpful when I'm trying to remember when is due when, when meetings are, when I need to be somewhere, etc.

I also find it helpful to update it at the start of every week, fill in every date that I have in advance to prepare for the week. When I've shared this little tip with my friends, a lot of them had told me it's hard to keep up with it. If you're trying to stay organized, find the motivation each Sunday for 10 minutes to prepare for your week. Once you create a constant habit for yourself, it does get easier.

Not only do I use my planner but I keep a To Do list up on my desktop of my computer under the "Stickies" application. I label each class, highlight things to do under organizations I'm apart of and keep little notes of reminders. I see it every time I open up my computer. So I'm constantly reminded of everything that needs to be done just to be safe.

Once you keep up with a constant routine, it becomes apart of your every day cycle. In no time, you'll feel a lot more motivated and more put together.

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