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My Skin Care Routine

Surprise! We're talking about my skin care OBSESSION ONCE AGAIN. Are you even that shocked? I'm not.

One of my favorite questions someone can ask me is, "What is your skin care routine?" Then they regret asking me because I start this entire speech about everything I do for my skin. Now, what I'm going to share with you may sound like a lot. But it's done amazing things for my skin since I've started this summer and it's clearing up amazingly.


Every morning, I wake up and wash my face with dove non-scented soap. I start with warm water to get my face wet and then I rinse my soap off with cold water to close my pores up. When I shower in the evening, I exfoliate my face with a scrub from a grocery store. It's a non-scented exfoliator and since I purchased it, I've seen so many changes. You can find exfoliator at any grocery store. I do this twice a week.


When I wake up in the morning, I once again wash my face the exact same way. In the evening I wash it with a brush and a peppermint face soap that my best friend let me borrow to try. After I clean my face, I grab a cotton ball and wipe my face with witch hazel. I then end my routine with a face mask to help clean the pores. When I wash the mask off, I use cold water to close my pores up.

Tuesday and Thursday

Just like any other morning, I wash my face. In the evening I do the same face wash with my brush, witch hazel, and then I do a charcoal nose strip to clean out the pores. When that's all said and done, I splash cold water on.


It's just the same as Monday except I exfoliate in the shower like I do on Sunday's.

Friday and Saturday

Just like Monday and Wednesday, I wash my face in the morning with dove soap (warm then cold water) and then in the evening use my peppermint wash, my brush, and witch hazel.

After each time I wash my face, I always moisturize. My skin is usually leans more towards the dry side so I find it very important to constantly keep my skin being hydrated.

Another friendly tip that I use is I always drink water and sometimes I add lemon in it (fun fact: lemon water is not only delicious but it's also amazing for your skin). Along with constantly drinking water, I also sleep with a sleep mask on to help with the hydration in my eyes (that isn't really much skin care, but I'm sharing valuable tips here for you). Lastly every morning and evening, I have a roll on for my eyes to help them not be puffy and to keep them hydrated and stray away from dark circles under my eyes.

My skin care routine was sculpted to help my type of skin, it won't work for everybody. But it doesn't hurt to test some things out to see what works for your skin and what doesn't. My best friend helped me form a lot of my skin care techniques but some of them I also formed on my own.

What's nice is, I've started seeing the changes in my skin since taking serious care of it. My skin is started to become smoother, clearer, and looks more full of life. It's something I love doing and have a lot of passion for.

What are some skin care techniques that you guys use? Or if you don't have a skin care routine, what do you think of mine? Look forward in the future for a post on my favorite face masks!

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