• Arden Palmquist

My Tips To Getting Started On Blogging

As I was planning the next handful of blog posts, it was hard to figure out which one I wanted to post and how I wanted to go about everything. After sitting there staring at all my drafts and looking at the photo content that I had planned, I decided that I would put together blogging tips.

Before I dive in, I wanted to share a disclaimer. I'm not a big blogger, I'm a beginner blogger. But before I started and got to where I am, I had to do some research and figure out what worked best for me.

So, Tip #1: Figure Out Your Niche

To figure out what's best for you, you have to find your niche. As I've started this journey, I've noticed I shift more towards the Lifestyle category but will occasionally dabble in fashion and beauty. One of my goals is to eventually have an equal balance of it all. But as of right now, Lifestyle is my niche. Once you find your niche, you have somewhere to begin.

Tip #2: Find a Schedule and Stick With It

I decided that I wanted to post a new podcast episode every other Wednesday and every Thursday post a new blog post. Within those times that I'm not posting, I try to get a head start in my spare time to generate content ideas and get some photo content. Truthfully, it's hard to keep up with creating content. But if you find a schedule that works for you, stick with it. It truly shows at the end of the day.

Tip #3: Treat Blogging Like A Job

I was listening to a podcast episode one day where they talked about treating any of your platforms like it's a job. If you want to let your platforms take off, not only give it time, but treat it like it's a job.

Tip #4: Connect With Your Followers and Other Bloggers

Support other content creators and interact with your followers!!


If there has been anything that I have learned through this experience, it is that you're going to get writers block, you're going to have days when you are too busy to post, and there are times when you want to throw in the towel because you're not getting anywhere. If you truly want this, it takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day, it doesn't take ten crunches to get abs (even though I wish), and celebrities didn't blow up over night (well, some of them started from nothing).

I truly think if you're considering starting one to go for it, or any form of content for that matter. It can be fun, it provides some form of creativity, and you can meet so many different and exciting people. So, what's holding you back?

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