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Normalize Taking Yourself Out On Valentine's Day

February 14th, the day of love and hallmark movies and chocolates. As much as people in love celebrating this day, what about us single humans who are in the process of loving ourselves? So, welcome to my Ted Talk of this weeks blog post on normalizing taking yourself out on dates and my day full of dates I planned for myself!

I'm single, I've spent most of my life being single and hating Valentine's Day. But these past few years, I've discovered the secret to being single. Taking yourself out on dates because it is self care, which we fully support here!

This Valentine's Day, I went full out on a date with myself. I decided that sure, couples can spend this day being extra loving towards one another, but what can I do to remind myself that I am valuable, I am beautiful, and I am worthy of the perfect date even though I'm super single? Take myself out on it. Here is how I spent my Valentine's Day, dating myself.

The morning started with waking up and of course feeding Tonk's. While he ate I made my bed and brewed up myself a cup of coffee. Once I washed my face and poured myself my coffee, I turned on a 10 minute meditation and sat on my yoga mat with some rose quartz, selenite, and Red Eye Tigers and spent some time breathing and meditating. This was the perfect way to start a day loving myself.

After a quick meditation session I did some stretching and started to get ready for the day. For the first time in a hot second, I wore jeans with my side on docs and my favorite oversized graphic tee, and some layered jewelry. I decided to dress up a little bit more than usual for my date today!

For my first stop of my day full of dates, I took myself to one of my favorite brunch spots in Akron, Ohio, The Blue Door Cafe. This was something I was doing for myself that was insanely out of my comfort zone. But was worth every second of me doing it. I waited in my car for when a table was ready reading my book and then once I sat down and ordered a mimosa, I started writing in my journal. One of the things I planned for myself today was to write myself a love letter. So, as I waited for my delicious avocado toast - I wrote myself my love letter.

To be totally transparent, I did get a few side eye looks from couples around me but after I relaxed, I didn't care. It was super empowering to take myself to a restaurant on Valentines day and eat a delicious meal alone.

Will I take myself out to eat at a restaurant again with just myself? Absolutely! Especially on days when I decide to focus on self-care.

After an amazing meal for one, I took a trip to my favorite place - Barnes and Noble. Did I need more books? No. But did I buy books that were on my "to read" list? Yes. So, it was not only a treat to myself but it was a beneficial purchase. A win win! Self care looks different for everyone and one of my favorite things to do is buy myself books! Holding myself back, I only bought 3 books at Barnes (which to be fair, I did buy one on Friday at Target).

I ended up buying The Duke and I (the first book in the Netflix show Bridgerton), The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and A Court of Thorn and Roses. Three out of like 70 books of my list to read purchased and sitting on my bookshelf.

Once I made my book selections, I drove up the street to pick myself up some flowers, chocolate, and a nice bottle of wine. Cliche move for Valentines day, I know. But I mean today we are going all out.

After snagging those, I decided to treat myself to one of my expensive Starbucks drinks that I only get on rare occasions! A Grande Espresso Frappuccino with almond milk and 5 pumps of sugar free vanilla. This is literally a $6 drink which is why I get it on special occasions. Which today was a special occasion.

After that, I decided it was time to head home to get back into comfy clothes, cuddle up with Tonks and relax before the rest of my evening plans.

In the evening, I poured myself a glass of Rose and decided to paint on a canvas to create a decor piece for my apartment while I watch a rom com movie. After cleaning up my mess, it's time for a long hot shower and a face mask to end my day of spoiling myself.

Going into today, I wanted to plan a day that was set around taking myself out and reminding myself how important it is to date yourself. I know, that sounds silly but if you really think about it, it's super important to take some time to date yourself! It all circles back to practicing self love.

I'm not saying "ew, couples," I'm saying that if you're single on Valentines Day you shouldn't spend it hating the day. Take this time to surround yourself with love from family, friends, or even just doing things to remind yourself how much you love you.

We should be normalizing taking ourselves out on dates more. It's not only empowering but it's also a form of self-care. This past weekend reminded me just how important it is to take breaks and recharge your batteries and find love within yourself. Just between us, I can't wait for next Valentine's Day for my next day filled with dates for myself.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! Did you celebrate doing anything special? Coupled up or single, share what you did below!!

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