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Plan With Me: August Bullet Journal Layout

Am I the only one here who is obsessed with planning and organizing?? One of my favorite video's to watch on YouTube are plan with me videos. There is just something about them that motivates me to plan myself and get everything in order. So, I figured we would test out a "plan with me" blog post. I've never really seen them in "reading format" but hey, we're going to work with what we have.

What I use (linked with some products I use):

  1. Bullet Journal (I got mine for $6 at Michael's)

  2. Pencil

  3. Markers

  4. Pens (the greatest freaking pens on the planet, I swear)

  5. Craft supplies from Etsy

Typically what I do is I scroll and scroll on Pinterest to give myself some sort of inspiration on a layout, color schemes, etc. I personally like neutral colors with a simple pattern. Too much in a layout almost stresses me out and with how much I spend looking at it, I prefer clean.

For August I wanted to do a layout of all different types of green plants but somehow landed on blue floral. For the colors I wanted to use a neutral green, a light blue with an outline of dark blue, cream, and a yellow.

I try my hardest to prepare for the next month a few weeks before it starts. This way it gives me time to have everything set up so I can plan ahead and fill out my month so I can have a good idea of what's going on.

Like I said earlier, simple is better for what I want in my bullet journal and works best for my own personal schedule. For this months weekly layout, I tore off the corner of some cream paper that I bought at Michael's and held it down with some brown washi tape. Then I added some color with my favorite markers with just a single line.

To continue to keep things simple I just wrote out the day of the week and then what date that day falls on. I like to start my schedule on Monday's for my layout since that feels when my week actually gets started. You'll notice at the top of the page I added the month and what week of the month that weekly spread was on.

I'm big on patterns and symmetry for my layout. So, I set up each weekly similar but also opposite from the week prior. You'll notice the layout for the days is opposite every other week.

Each week has enough room for me to write out daily plans along with enough room to write my to do list. Typically, I start my to do list the week before and whatever I don't finish from the previous week I know I need to finish the next week.

My to do lists range on length, depending on the week and what needs done. For example, my first week in August I have my first two "tasks" for the week, posting Monday's post and working on next Monday's post. I've been trying to hold myself accountable for posting weekly and I have found that writing it every week and it being the first few tasks is quite resourceful. I also found it super helpful to write what the weekly post will be about in advance to cut out an procrastination and writers block.

When I approach the end of the month, I leave an entire page to reflect on everything that has happened in that time frame. Typically that consists of if I accomplished my goals, my mental health check in, and creating manifestations and goals for the next month. I like adding this personal testimony so I can go back and see how much growth I accomplished over the four weeks. This has been super helpful for me and my mental health journey along with holding myself accountable for accomplishing goals.

Then the page on the right will be for my September layout which I will most likely start halfway through the month so I can start creating goals, plans, and content ideas in advance!

Each monthly layout is a little different. Sometimes I have fun designs on the weekly spread, sometimes it's pretty neutral and straightforward. The best part about bullet journaling is that it is your own personal space to create whatever you want.

You're probably wondering why I don't just use a planner, that this seems like a lot of work. Yes, it can be a lot of work and sometimes I find myself wanting to buy a planner... But, this fun little project is time I can set aside for myself to relax and try and connect with my creative side (some months I get a little crazy and do fun designs, this one I aimed for a more simple look).

Here are some tips about planning:

  1. Make sure to put in everything that you know is happening that month in advance on the dates they are happening. It's so stressful when you overbook yourself because you forgot that something was already happening.

  2. Start making your to do list the week prior. Like I said earlier, I find that this is super helpful. It's an easy way to hold yourself accountable and give yourself a better understanding on how busy the upcoming week will be.

  3. Make it light and fun. For me, I love planning! I love creating my layouts, to writing to do lists, I love it all. This is something for me that is not only relaxing but a great tool to hold myself accountable with.

If you want more inspiration for bullet journaling, check out my Pinterest board here. Talk to you guys next week!

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