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Plan With Me: Goal Setting for 2021

We can all agree on one thing, 2020 was basically robbed from us by staying safe and quarantining. But if there is one thing I learned this past year, it's that we can still accomplish our goals even if they're from the comfort of your own home! I stayed pretty busy while working from home and looking back this past year, I still accomplished a lot. Which means, I'm setting myself up to continue accomplishing my goals for the next year.

Which leads me to re-launching my blog with a "Plan With Me: Goals & Predications for 2021" edition, after taking a much needed break. A few weeks before the new year started I started writing a list of 21 things I want to accomplish in 2021. I like to be optimistic, what can I say? I don't want to call them "New Years Resolutions" because in previous years, I never followed through on them because I always made them unattainable.

This year, I wrote down 21 goals for 2021 that are attainable. Small things that continue to benefit my lifestyle and self-love journey. Whatever I didn't fully accomplish in 2020, I'm going to challenge myself to accomplish in 2021. Even though our previous year was spent mostly indoors, it doesn't mean I have to give up on last years goals. If anything, it should want to push me to accomplish them this year.

So, in 2021 my goals are:

  1. Journal every week to look back on at the end of the year. I think 2020 made me feel more nostalgic than ever.

  2. Read 24 Books.

  3. Shift towards a vegan friendly diet. (Added bonus: makes for a good blog post!)

  4. Start writing the next best selling novel.

  5. Blog every other week!

  6. Adopt a Cat!

  7. Grow Palmquist Planning (my event planning business)

  8. Find a workout routine I enjoy doing!

  9. Step out of my comfort zone.

  10. Fall in love with myself again. This past year, I took a lot of time for myself and my mental health but this is a constant journey. One that I am going to continue goring through in the next year.

  11. Create a routine that I can hold myself too that is best for my lifestyle!

  12. Cook more and cook healthier.

  13. Save more money!!

  14. Travel more (at least plan one trop in 2021 to somewhere new)

  15. Cut back on the wine... (oops)

  16. Write more letters to loved ones. I love snail mail. I keep every letter or card written to me because it holds sentimental value. This is something I never want to stop doing.

  17. Spoil yourself more often.

  18. Learn something new!

  19. Listen to more music and look at more art

  20. Start going back to therapy because we love working on our mental health!

  21. Explore your creative side. Try painting, write more, blog more, see what your creative side can provide.

21 goals out in the open that I want to accomplish in 2021. 21 goals that are attainable and continue to benefit my lifestyle and my well-being.

I find it important to set yourself goals year round, but there is something special about staring over in a new year with the mindset of the goals you have set for yourself to accomplish in the year ahead.

Even though 2020 was probably the most intense year ever, I don't want that to hold me back for 2021. I'm going to look ahead in the new year with a smile and the motivation to continue growing! Have you started working on our goals for the new year? Happy planning and happy new year!!!

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