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Products I Was Influenced To Buy: Is It Worth The Hype? Part One

Quarantine did a little bit of damage on my bank account but it also inspired a really cool blog idea for me. Are products that influencers talk about on their platforms really worth the hype? I mean, if you think about it, it's a logic question. Influencers sources of income is by promoting brands.

So, where does the line between the product being beneficial and worth it fall? In this new series, I'm going to share a range of products that I've tested out to share with you my own personal thoughts. In part one, we're going to dive into a few beauty products that I have seen influencer's post about frequently.

The first product I was influenced to buy is a popular shampoo and conditioner set that is made specifically for your hair type, Function of Beauty. I've seen this brand EVERYWHERE. They are sponsoring my podcasts, my YouTubers, and are on all social media platforms. First, let's give a round of applause to their marketing team because they are really getting the job done.

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I ended up buying it with a discount code from one of the podcasts I listen too (What We Said Podcast provided me with 20% off) and the first thing it directed me to was to take a hair quiz. This gives Function of Beauty the basis of what kind of hair you have and what goals you want out of their products. If you want the full rundown on my process with buying this product, make sure to check out my IGTV video here!

It took about two weeks to ship which was faster than I thought it would be due to the whole epidemic going on. The packaging was super cute and when I opened the box, I actually screamed because I was so excited to test this product out. I had learned it takes about two weeks before noticing the magical powers of this shampoo and conditioner duo to kick in.

So, here we are at week 3 and the question that remains is, is it worth all the hype that the company gets? Honestly? Yes, yes it is worth the hype. I don't regret spending the money that I did on this brand because I am seeing results and my hair smells amazing. I most likely will continue to splurge on my shampoo and conditioner because I think my hair is worth that investment.

The next product I was influenced to buy is a popular skin care company called, Summer Fridays. I don't necessarily see influencers being sponsored by this brand but I do see them using their products and constantly talking about how much they love these products. I originally wanted to purchase the Jet Lag mask as this is the one mask that I see the most from influencers on social media but when it was my turn to shop the Sephora Sale, they were sold out. So, I decided to purchase the R + R Mask and the Lip Butter Balm.

First, let's talk about the R + R Mask. This mask has Bulgarian rose, argan oil, rose flower powder, safflower, sesame, avocado, and grape seed oil that helps the skin give off a glow. I've used the mask a few times so far and after taking the mask off, I have seen a difference! My skin feels and looks amazing. Would I buy again? For sure, as a splurge not just something I can buy every time I need face masks.

It's for sure worth the hype but if you want a great face mask where it benefits your skin for a cheaper price, I wouldn't go through Summer Fridays. That's the cool thing about face masks, there are so many options to choose from! This mask was perfect for the experiment, but overall, I think this is a once in awhile purchase I'll make when I really want to treat myself.

The second product, Lip Butter Balm, was one I was actually kind of disappointed in. Right before the Sephora sale, I was seeing Influencers rave about using this product and how it works for their lips. To be clear, none of theses posts were sponsored so this was their own opinion, but it was something that I kept seeing over and over again. So, I bought it at the Sephora sale!

This lips balm is made with shea and murumuru seed butters, vegan waxes, and has a natural vanilla flavor. This product is meant to help cracked lips for an instant hydration and leave a gloss look to your lips that gives it a natural shine. Nothing against Summer Fridays at all but this felt like overpriced Vaseline. Is this product worth the hype and money? No, I don't think so.

The next product I was influenced to buy was the Billie Razor. I haven't necessarily seen this from Influencers but have seen this more as a "wow, I can't stop seeing advertisements for it" kind of thing so I went ahead and bought it. The reviews that this brand had was insane! They were all positive, the pricing was super affordable, the entire brand just really had a good head on their shoulders.

The ordering process was super simple and took like not even 7 minutes and it delivered within the week. During an epidemic, I was really surprised how fast the product came!

Unlike most products, you have to wait to see results but after I shaved with this razor, my legs had never felt so smooth. You know how when you get a new razor it feels super sharp on your skin? Not with Billie, even though there are five blades, it feels so smooth against my skin.

The starter pack is only $9 and it's free shipping. Most razors that provide great results are at least $4 more than that. So, now for the real question that this entire series is based around. Is it worth all of this hype and marketing?

100% yes. This might be my favorite product out of everything in this post. It's super affordable and it. gets. the. job. DONE.

And that's a wrap on part one of this series. Stay tuned for part two: fashion products I was influenced to buy. Want to suggest other products? Comment down below what products influencers rave about and I'll review them!

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