• Arden Palmquist

S-I-N-G-L-E On Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to everyone celebrating it with their significant other, and or celebrating it by loving yourself by drinking your favorite glass of wine, and eating all the macaroons your heart desires!

Whither you're spending valentines day with your partner, your gals, or yourself, I am sending all the love your way! Truthfully, I've actually always hated valentines day but this year with my mantra, "New year, more me," I am accepting it with open arms and deciding to love myself on the special day of love.

On this day of love, I find that it is most important to love yourself. For the longest time I thought that today was just a hallmark commercial day, but the older I get more I love this day because everyone is genuinely happy and celebrating love.

As I spend this day as a single, confident, self-loving woman; I remind myself to never settle, to continue to have my high standards, and to always spoil myself because lord knows my mom isn't here in Akron to do it for me.

Truthfully, there is no reason to sit here and remind myself that I am single because I have all my loved ones around me. Every year, my dad sends me a little treat and even when he was overseas, I still got a Valentines Day gift. I'm spending the day with my girlfriends and celebrating our love for one another (and stirfry). Lastly, I'm spending it reminding myself just how truly blessed I am, how much love I have for myself, and how much love I have for the people around me.

So, if you're sitting at home drinking too much wine because you're "single," indulge in being single and enjoy every moment of that lifestyle. Remember that today is not a day to rub relationships in everyones faces but it is to remind someone just how much you love them (relationship or not).

Enjoy the day, however you please! Spend it with your partner, friends, family, or even yourself. Celebrate love on the day of love.

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