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Small Business Spotlight

As I started brainstorming content idea, I wanted to do a few monthly blog posts that have the same theme. One being, small business spotlight. Once a month, I'll pick a small business in North East Ohio that I have discovered and became a customer with and share with you all why I love them and decide to share them with you.

To start off my new thread of posts, I wanted to discuss a unique boutique in Akron, Ohio just off of portage trials called, Urban Lace. I stumbled upon this cozy chic boutique adventuring after getting my weekly margaritas at a restaurant just up the street and immediately fell in love.

The small boutique is full of a positive presence along with the cutest and unique pieces of clothing and accessories. One of my favorite parts of the store is a small rack of vintage finds at reasonable pricing. Every time I have gone into the store and searched this rack, there has always been new finds in there. I fell in love with this red denim jacket but told myself that I would have to go back another time because I was budgeting for one piece of clothing.

I've started shopping here every once in awhile when I want a select style that I know can add the perfect spice to my closet. One of my favorite silk tops is from this boutique that is perfect for the summer and fall. When I went in the other day to take photos, I purchased another silk top, which is the long sleeve maroon one in the photo below.

I have never left the store empty handed or feeling unsettled because of the business. I've always been greeted by someone at the counter and as someone who works in retail, customer service plays a big part in a customer's shopping experience. The woman who owns the boutique has remembered me from tagging their materials on social media and constantly stopping in.

From their instagram, they have just gotten a bunch of new materials in for the rest of winter and spring and I am already planning my next visit. If you're looking for a boho chic style that is affordable, check out Urban Lace. From affordable clothing, to friendly customer service, to amazing clothes, I have never had such positive things to say about a store before.

Be sure to be on the lookout for my next Small Business Spotlight and possibly a haul on everything I've bought from here (and a few other places).

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