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So, Why'd I Do It?

Due to recent events, I decided to wait to do my blog post that was originally intended for this week for another week. A lot has been going on in my life, new changes and new opportunities. I truly have never been more excited to continue working on my goals. So, I figured I'd write a blog post about why I started blogging and fill you in on all the juicy projects I have coming up and even the award I was nominated for. There's a lot to cover, so let's dive in.

The decision and the journey since:

I decided to start blogging awhile ago, way before it was "cool" and influencers were this new trend that people want to partake in. I've mentioned in a post before that I had started a blog for what it feels like 9 times by now. Everything I did just wasn't sticking and it didn't feel like me. I wasn't feeling inspired until I tried just writing about life itself and not forcing everything. So far, it's been quite the journey. I've focused on creating content that I'm proud of in hope someone somewhere is benefiting from it. This has been my own outlet for all the stress that builds up and is a nice way for me to express any emotions I do have into my own work. I was scared to take the jump, but once you start working towards your dreams, everything just feels like it is starting to happen naturally. If you have ever considered starting a blog, give it a try. But in order for it to be anywhere near successful, you can't give up. It takes dedication and a lot of it.

What's going on in my life at this moment?

Well, on top of being a full time student, working over 27 hours a week, participating in many other organizations and internships; the little time I do have is dedicated to this, my blog and my brand. Hard work has been paying off because new opportunities have been presented and I am thrilled to be sharing you with them.

First and foremost, I have been nominated for an award through an Influencer program I am apart off. The award is called, "Rising Star of the Year." Basically the award is up-and-coming Influencers who have just begun their content creation journey. They show hard work to build up their audience, content, and social media strategy. I have had an amazing support system throughout this experience of my content creating journey and they are showing me just how much they support me! When it comes to the award, you can vote here for me. If I win, I get the opportunity to go to LA for the Her Conference and a handful of other few things. *so please take this moment to help a rising influencer start breaking glass ceilings and vote*

Among other things than being nominated for this award, I have been keeping very busy trying to find new campaigns to work with. As I'm waiting to hear back from those, a small jewelry artist had reached out to me asking if I wanted to do a collaboration. Out of curiosity, I asked what kind of collocation she had in mind. She offered to send me a bracelet for free among my choosing. I am beyond excited to work on this collaboration! My goal as a blogger is to work with smaller artists and businesses because I love supporting them and all of their endeavors. Slowly but surely, I am accomplishing that.

Wait, but don't you have a podcast too?

YES! Yes, as a matter of fact, I do host my own podcast. But truthfully, it's in the works. There is a lot I want to do with it but I'm slowly piecing together a brand I want for it, content I am proud of releasing on it, and so much more. If there is one thing I've learned through this all, ignore what everyone says. If you're proud of your content, you're proud. Along the road, someone somewhere isn't going to be a fan of your work. But hey, if they're talking it means that you're doing something right. So stay tuned for more episodes of Cut Throat as I figure the process out of podcasting and branding my podcast.

Now what?

Now that I've given you a little glimpse on why I started taking this hobby of content creating up and a small portion of what I've been up to, maybe some ounce of it inspires you. Or maybe possibly, you're supporting me on this ride! At the end of the day, I know who I am thankful for and the opportunities I am thankful for. Even if I don't win the award and the opportunities that come with it, I know that people voting were out there reading or listening to my content. That is an opportunity on it's own.

So to everyone who has been here for me through this journey - thank you. Thank you for the support, the motivation, the pictures you've had to take for me, and reminding me that what I'm doing is something I love. I couldn't be more grateful for where I am right now and for the things I had to go through to get me here.

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