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Spring Cleaning: Out With The Old In With The New

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we are all stuck indoors because of COVID-19. Oh what a time to be alive, am I right? If you're anything like me and being told to stay in one spot just isn't the move. One thing that I've been doing during this living nightmare is spring cleaning. Which, I thought I would have dreaded but if anything, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my chest.

I live by this mindset that a clean space leads to a clean mind. I'm the kind of person who feels ten times more motivated when my living space is spotless and lazy when it's dirty. With the sun coming out and the temperature rising, this is an opportunity to go into a new season with not only an open mind but a clean space. I swear, it goes a lot further than you would think.

First, I created an outline of everything that needed cleaned. This meant cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning my tiny kitchen, cleaning my entire room (yes, that is including my closet which we will get too), dusting everything, and vacuuming every inch of carpet in my apartment.

Then I separated the list between me and my roommate (obviously leaving for me to clean my room on my own) and we went to cleaning. We hadn't done a deep clean in a very long time that when we cleaned the carpets and floors it felt as if we had just moved in again. Instantly my anxiety calmed down and I felt at peace. The apartment looked clean, a candle that smelled light spring was lit and my mind felt at peace. Instantly just the living room and the kitchen being clean made SUCH a big difference.

I left my bedroom for last. Now this is a multi day project. I have the master bedroom so my space is bigger than what I'm used to from my house I grew up in to living in dorms, college house, and sorority house. I'm still even in the process of adding decor here and there to try and perfect my vision. Even with this blog post being posted, I'm still not done with adding things.

The biggest project of this spring cleaning was my closet. It's gigantic and messy. It's filled with clothes, shoes (a lot of shoes and yet still I don't have enough), purses, baseball caps, random belongings of mine that don't really serve a purpose yet I have the hardest time to let go of, and more clothes.

I started with my shoes first. Taking them ALL out I sorted through them. What do I wear the most? What do I see myself wearing in different seasons? What don't wear anymore? What can I donate? Ultimately, even when I have a giant bag of shoes to donate with, I still managed to fill up my entire walk in closet with shoes.

Next I took all of my heavy winter clothes and put them in bins to make room for spring and summer clothes. This didn't take that long. But the next challenge for clothing was going through my dresser. I treated this just like my shoes. What do I wear the most? What do I see myself still wearing? What don't I wear anymore? What can I donate? This way it creates more space to fit clothing that I purchase later down the road. Hence the, "out with the old in with the new" saying.

After filing though all of my clothing I went through all of my random trinkets and things on the shelves in my closet and focused on what I was still using vs what I wasn't. Why have this kind of clutter when I'm not using it? It's served it's purpose for me and now I want to donate it so it can serve as a purpose for someone else.

Cleaning my entire apartment from top to bottom is not a one day thing. I didn't realize how much I loved having a spotless place until I actually crept out of my winter funk and did the damn thing. Now I have space for random purchases I make in the future and bags on bags of things to donate to not only goodwill but also the battered women's shelter.

My biggest tips for spring cleaning is to create a list, put on a killer upbeat playlist, take small breaks to drink water, and really think about what items you have that you need to keep and what you can donate. Look into your community and see where you con drop off different donations. It's something small but it's something that you can do to give back!

Bring in the new season with a clean space to lead to a clean and happy mind. It's amazing how much this spring cleaning can truly change your mindset. Here's to a new season (hopefully that isn't spent entirely in quarantine)! Happy spring everyone!!

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