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Things I'm Doing During Quarantine!!!!

By the time this post goes live I have been in my apartment living a quarantine lifestyle for 29 days. Yes, 29 days (and so many more days are to come). Within that time I've only had one mental breakdown, so I think I am doing okay compared to how I thought I would be doing. Granted, with being locked down I have time for things that I couldn't figure out how to add in my daily routines pre-COVID. In this weeks post I'm sharing with you everything I've been doing during quarantine that have helped me with my own sanity. Maybe you'll find something on this list that you can do during quarantine!

I want to kick this off by saying that I am one of the few who are lucky to be working from home. Which alone takes up 40 hours of my week! I am very thankful to be able to continue working because if not, I 100% would have had more than just one mental breakdown so far. However, I try to stay busy and productive as much as I can when I'm not working.

Aside from working here are a few other things I have picked up into a routine during this insane epidemic:

1. Creating a fitness routine... YES! If you know me, you know that I have had the hardest time in the past with picking up a fitness routine, sticking with it, and making sure I find something that I enjoy doing that is healthy for my well-being. With all the time in the world on my hands, I am able to test out different workouts that I could possibly enjoy. So far I've done yoga, pilates, ab workouts, and of course walking over a mile each day. The biggest reason I started doing this wasn't to make sure I'm staying physically healthy but mentally healthy.

If there has been anything that has been truly helpful on days when I just feel defeated, it's going outside for thirty minutes. The sun seriously brightens up my mood. So, a challenge for you, go outside and soak up those rays of sunshine because your mood will instantly boost.

2. Baking... or at least attempting to? I've never been one to be the best at baking but this is something I want to impress my skills on! Especially on days when I have a killer sweet tooth. I never thought I would be the one to be excited to try new recipes but thanks to Pinterest (and even Tik Tok), I'm killing time by attempting to not burn the treats I've been making.

3. Reading! This year I have a new years resolution to read 24 books within the year of 2020 and now I have all the time in the world to get this resolution accomplished! Currently I am reading Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen. After that's done, I will be completely shifting gears from a fictional book to a nonfiction book about serial killers and mass murderers. So, you can tell I have plenty of entertainment within books alone.

4. Writing! I've taken a lot of this time to write. Write blog posts, work on writing a fictional novel, write down my thoughts -- all of it. I'm just taking the time to explore my creativity and use writing as an outlet when I need to get my mind off of things.

5. Binging EVERYTHING... By binging I mean Tv shows, movies, YouTube videos, and podcasts. Yes, you read all of those right. That's a lot to binge, am I right? Right! But if you're anything like me you have a long list of things you want to watch. My Netflix list alone is quite long, and now I can finally get through it! Same goes for YouTube videos and podcasts. This is the perfect time to go through and get through your lists people!

Not sure what to binge? Here's a list of recommendations I complied for you!

(p.s. -- Nothing on this list sounds satisfying to fill your binge cravings? DM me and I'll give you WAY more, the list could go on forever... Clearly, I've watched A LOT)

6. Video Chatting!! I have spent a fair amount of time during this quarantine video chatting friends and even family. Somehow spending hours on FaceTime just makes everything go by so much faster. Plus, it feels as if they're in the room with me as if we aren't social distancing!

7. Tie-Dying (Well.. Almost)! I haven't tie-dyed quite anything yet but currently in my Amazon shopping cart are the supplies that I need! That includes the-dye and three sweatshirts for me, my mom, and of course my sister, so we can all match. So corny, I know! But it's a fun activity that can pass by the time.

8. DECORATING MY APARTMENT. HA, the one thing my roommate hates the most in this world: me decorating the apartment even more than what we have right now. But since we signed another year together, I can decorate even more now. With being in quarantine, I now have more time than normal to finish up all the plans of interior design that I've been brewing up on my Pinterest board. Thanks Amazon for being my best friend in this.

9. Cleaning - Obviously? But you can read all about that in my last blog post (total fail at clickbait but hey, A for effort)!

10. Supporting Small Businesses!! If there is one thing that any of us should be doing during this quarantine it is supporting small businesses. I have been shopping from small named brands and trying my hardest to support locally as much as I can! If you get the opportunity, support your small businesses! They are depending on you during this time.

11. Discovering My Green Thumb (maybe?)... If there is one thing that I want to gain out of this time to myself it is trying not to massacre plants like I do now. I'm doing everything that I can to try and figure out how to be a plant mom. This is actually quite hard for me and I can't figure out why! But hey, eventually I will have that green thumb and my apartment will be filled with plants.

12. Bullet journaling! I am not the most artistic, but doodling can lead to creating my layouts for my bullet journal. This not only helps with passing time but also gives me something to do that is a great de-stresser! It also motivates me to plan things out!

13. SELF-CARE!! Obviously this is something we all should be doing. By self-care I mean face masks, giving ourselves manicures and pedicures, perfecting our skin care routine, etc. This can ease all of the anxiety we are feeling with the epidemic going on. It's so important that we continue to put ourselves first during these weird times.

14. Playing Board Games! Obviously, I still find myself getting bored. I've been stuck in my apartment for a month now and it's easy to get bored with everything else. When we first were told to stay home, I purchased Boggle and a board game called Payday. Both games are games I played growing up and even though I am not close to my family during these times, this makes me feel like a little piece of home is with me.

15. Counting My Blessings! I think during these hard times, a handful of people have forgotten just how luck they are, myself included. I am very thankful every day for not only my health but the health of my friends and family. I am lucky to be able to work from home and to have this time to myself. Before anything else, make sure to remember just how lucky you are during these times. For the longest time we've complained that we don't have enough time in our daily routines to finish our to do lists. Well, now we have time. Be thankful that you now have this time, because every moment is precious.

There are so many things that we can be doing. I know things seem hectic and it feels as if our lives have been put on pause. But the reality is, our lives are still continuing on. Everything I've been doing has helped with my anxiety during quarantine and continues to keep me occupied on days when I feel lonely.

What are somethings you've been doing to keep yourselves busy during quarantine?

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