• Arden Palmquist

Turtle Neck Szn

Happy Thanksgiving and long time no post! I originally wanted to write a blog post about Thanksgiving, but then I forced my sister to take instagramable worthy pictures for me and I realized that not only do I dress like a white suburban mom with children of two, but that it's freezing as hell out and turtle necks. Yes, you read the right - turtle necks.

The most underrated piece of clothing you could imagine. I mean, at least for me, it seems like they're underrated. You never hear anything about turtle neck sweaters. These days women want cropped clothing or something skin tight. Which is totally fine, we all have our preferences on fashion. Mine on the other hand just involves turtle necks because your girl gets cold.

I have officially come to terms with the twenty-degree weather (not the snow just yet, I'll never come to terms with snow in Ohio) and I've always had the hardest time dressing myself for the winter season. Personally to me, one of the greatest challenges for me in the winter is not just driving but it's being fashionable.

Since I can remember, I've always been a big believer in look good, feel good. But in the winter I have just never felt good about what I'm wearing due to layering up. Not like I do in the Spring or in the Fall where the weather is perfect temperature and I can strut around.

But to me, thats where turtle necks fall in. They're the perfect piece to layer up with that add an extra little flare. I literally own 4 of them and don't plan on stopping any time soon on purchasing them. They all range from different thickness of material, to color, to texture, to length. I can do so much with turtlenecks and while I can stay fashionable, I look good and I feel good.

Personally, it's a trend that will always stay relevant and it's the go to look for the cold winter that's about to come. What are your opinions on turtle necks? Yay or hell nahhhh?

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